An Seanchas

Greg Noonan

“…the Irish origin story and the traditions encompassing it contain chronologically accurate details that could not have been invented by Medieval monks; they clearly preserve a genuine record of the events that they claim to portray. Irish proto-history ought to be dusted off, re-opened and recognized as a unique and invaluable tool in the study of Eurasian antiquity…”

-Greg Noonan (2007)

 This site is a repository of the work of Gregory J. Noonan who died in 2009 while still in process of writing his study of the Irish origin stories known as Lebor Gabala Erenn. He had noted that translations over the centuries had dismissed the credibility of the stories as originally recorded. Upon closer examination he found that in many instances the tales were consistent with modern understandings of Bronze Age history and he set out to prove his thesis. He found common vocabulary with early Indo-European  languages that was consistent with the geographic areas mentioned in the texts, that were also consistent with the commerce of the Bronze Age. He also found support from DNA studies tracking the movement of early peoples that concurred with his assertion that the early Celts were from an area on the east of the Caspian Sea.

On this site you will find his synopsis, an appendix, as well as a condensed explanation he called “Cliff Notes” to An Seanchas. I hope soon to have more supporting documents and images posted here as well. If you are seriously interested in pursuing this further, I would be happy to provide access to his papers. I can be contacted at

You are welcome to utilize and quote his research, all I ask is that you please credit Greg if you use this work. He put a lot of effort into it and although he was was aware that there were no doubt some flaws, his hypothesis was nonetheless sound. He’d be thrilled that someone is following up on it.

Greg’s research on the Noonan surname is on the web at   Check it out.

Thank you, Jerome E. Noonan